Wallace was a shelter dog turned disc champion. He was targeted for euthanasia, but shortly after Wallace went into foster care it was discovered that he really liked to catch Frisbees. In his second year in the sport, Wallace won the 2006 Cynosport World Games, and the next year he won the 2007 Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge National Championship for flying disc, changing minds one disc at a time. He traveled the country competing and showing off his athletic abilities, proving that he deserved the chance he was given. In his retirement, he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and transitional cell carcinoma, two aggressive cancers. He far surpassed the predicted life expectancy, and his fans enjoyed the extra time he was given while he worked his way through his bucket list of adventures. Wallace got to ride in a motorcycle sidecar, wade in the ocean, play fetch through the mail with MLB pitcher Mark Buehrle, and even meet Betty White! Wallace’s body is no longer with us, but his spirit and legacy live on.  We look forward to helping many more dogs in his honor!

Read Wallace’s full story in the book “Wallace – The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls – One Flying Disc at a Time”.  For pawtographed copies, visit our store!  All proceeds benefit Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation.

You will never know the impact Wallace made on our family....because of him and his story, we rescued our Abraham....and love him dearly!!! Thank you Wallace from the bottom of my heart!!!

Saralyn - Wallace Fan

Wallace the Pit Bull was the game changer for me. I have always loved dogs, and always advocated for rescues over pure breds, but I drew the line at pit bulls. After reading the book, and looking into the history of the breed, I have completely changed my mind about them. You were one dog, but you have touched thousands of hearts

Trish - Wallace Fan