WOD for Dogs

Like CrossFit? Like helping dogs? Now you can do both at once! CrossFit gyms from all around are joining us to raise money for dogs in need! Each gym is encouraged to partner with a local organization of the gym’s choice that is doing great things for homeless dogs within their community. All funds raised will be split 50/50 between the local organization and Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation. The funds that go to Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation will be set aside to use towards grants/donations for other organizations that we know are making a huge impact for dogs in their care. The first two years, we were able to raise over $50,000 total!  We helped build play yards in New Mexico and support the VALOR program of Safe Humane Chicago, among others.  Now that we’re utilizing CrowdRise, we look forward to blowing the roof off this thing and making a lot of dogs a whole lot happier!

The WOD is a doozie!  It’s designed to mimic many movements dogs end up doing in a stressful shelter environment.  By putting ourselves in their shoes, and taking that stress onto ourselves for a brief moment, we’ll be able to relieve the stress of thousands upon thousands of dogs through the funds we raise.  So what are you waiting for?  Scroll down to see how you can get in on the action!  If you have any questions, please give us a shout at WODforDogs@gmail.com!

Join The WOD

Get  Your Gym Involved

Thanks for your interest in WOD for Dogs!!  2015 was a success once again, and we look forward to helping more dogs in 2016!  The date is still being chosen, and we will make that announcement once it is set.  

You can create an account ahead of time if you’d like, and getting set up is super easy!  Just visit www.crowdrise.com/wodfordogs2016 to create an account for your gym.  We suggest you register using an email address rather than your FB account.  If you register through FB, it will most likely use your personal account rather than be registered under your gym.  Once you have an account, click on the button that says “Set Up Your Fundraiser”.  Two options will pop up – “Join A Team” and “Start  Your Own Fundraiser”.  To create your team page, click on “Start Your Own Fundraiser”.  When asked for your name, you can enter your gym’s name rather than your personal name.  Fill out the rest of the information and customize your page with your logo/picture, url, description, etc.  We suggest adding the year (2016) to the url so that hopefully you’ll return next year and use the same url with the following year (2017) in its place.  Once your team page is created, share with your members and all others you think might be interested.  Anybody will be able to donate through your page, and all the donations will be applied to WOD for Dogs with credit going to your gym.  Your members (or anybody else) will also be able to “Join A Team” and get their own personal fundraising pages that are linked to your team page to go towards your gym’s totals as well.  The Leaderboard will keep track of top teams and top individuals!  Scroll down a little further for tips on a successful event!  We’ll be making a new event page for each year, so please only create events that will happen within that calendar year.

On Your Own

Not part of a gym that is doing the WOD?  That’s okay!  You can still workout on your own, gather pledges, and help spread the word!  You can either create your own fundraising page, or join an existing team that you’d like to help support.  To do so, just visit https://www.crowdrise.com/wodfordogs2016 to create an account, and then click on “Start Your Own Fundraiser” to either create your own page or join an existing team.  While the suggested workout is designed with a certain symbolic nature, it can be scaled and modified to your liking.  If all you are able to do is walk aroud the block, but you still want to support our efforts and raise money, then do that!  The main thing is the dogs we are going to help, not whether or not you clear 6 inches on your jumping air squat.  Share your fundraising page with everybody you know.  Ask them to share it as well.  The more people that know about the opportunity, the bigger the potential we have to raise more funds to help thousands upon thousands of shelter dogs!  Let’s do this!

The Workout

3 Rounds for max reps

1 minute each of
Thrusters 75/55 lbs
KB swings 1.5/1 pood
Jumping Air Squats
Lateral Burpees
5M sprints down and back (each direction is 1 rep)

1 minute rest in between rounds


Tips for a successful event

Since each gym and community is different, we are leaving it open in regards to how you want to hold your event.  Some gyms have done a suggested minimum donation to participate.  One gym matched the donations of their members.  Another coach pledged one burpee for every dollar raised.  Others just asked the members to give what they can. You know your members much better than I do, so feel free to do what you think would work best for your community within the guidelines.  Be creative, and as long as it’s safe and legal, I trust that you’ll make it a great event!  If you have any questions or want to run an idea past us to see what we think, feel free to send us an email.

Invite your partner organization to attend the event, and invite them to bring adoptable dogs if possible.  Even if nobody adopts any of the dogs from the event, you can do like Bellum Strength and Conditioning did and have people take pictures/selfies with the dogs and share them on social media to help them find a home.  It’s often a great time and good socialization for the dogs as well, especially if they are living in a shelter.

T-shirts have been a great way to raise funds, so we encourage you to take advantage of that for your event.  That being said, we do NOT plan to offer general WOD for Dogs shirts this year since we don’t have a good way to print and distribute them with multiple events happening on different dates.  Since most gyms have a t-shirt contact already, we encourage each gym to design their own shirts to sell as part of their fundraising efforts.  We also encourage doing pre-orders so you know what you’ll need to order and don’t get stuck with a bunch of unsold shirts.  This will also accommodate the requests we’ve received to include your specific gym’s name on the shirts you offer your members.  If you don’t have a system to do this, we suggest www.booster.com.   All we ask is that you use one or both of the logos somewhere on the shirt.  If you don’t use the WOD for Dogs logo, we ask that you have “WOD for Dogs” somewhere on the shirt as the event name.  Below are multiple versions of the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation Logo depending on the background, as well as the WOD for Dogs logo for you to download and use for your design.  

Make sure to include who your partner organization is on your CrowdRise Team Page.  We will be splitting all the funds raised with them 50/50.  We encourage use of the online donation pages for tracking and ease of use, so we ask that all funds be deposited through your CrowdRise Team Page.  If you receive cash at the event, sell shirts, or do anything else to collect money offline, unless an individual donor needs a receipt for tax purposes, we ask that the gym deposit that into your account and then donate the amount through your Team’s page.  If an individual donor cannot donate online, but would like a receipt for tax purposes, they can write a check made out to Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation, and mail it to Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation  PO Box 7356  Rochester, MN  55903.  Once we receive all the funds, we will cut a check to your partner organization!  

Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, so all donations are tax deductible under those laws.  The portion of the funds that WTPB Foundation receives will be set aside to go towards grants/donations to organizations and programs that we know are making a difference for the dogs in their care.

and help save some dogs!

Participating Gyms

Gyms that have gone to the dogs!

Email us at WODforDogs@gmail.com and add your gym to the list!

Please include gym name, website, and logo if possible!