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Hector was one of the 51 pit bulls rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting case. He was part of the group that went to BAD RAP out on the west coast. Initially he went to see about being a detection dog, but that wasn’t for him. Hector bounced around between many fosters, which was cool with him since he got to see that many more things. Eventually, he ended up getting adopted by a couple in Minnesota. He enjoyed his new life hanging out with doggie pals Angus, Mindy Lou, and Scooby Snack. Hector passed the Canine Good Citizen test twice, and became a Certified Therapy Dog to visit nursing homes and hospitals.  He also went to schools to help teach kids how to act safely around dogs.  Once “retired”, Hector enjoyed his days going for walks,sunning himself in the yard , and eating grass.  Hector was cool with everybody, even though he was treated badly in his younger life .  After the couple of bad years with Vick and his buddies, he enjoyed 7 years of love and fun adventures.  Unfortunately his past life caught up with him, and he began having health struggles at age 8.  His body succombed to cancer on 10/27/2014 at the age of nine, and leaves a legacy of helping other dogs in similar situations get the chance they deserve as well!