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Remembering Hector

By October 27, 2015General

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since Hector passed away.  We’re sharing the Facebook post from that day to remind us of the fond memories he created, and because the message still rings true.  The support we’ve received through the Hector Fund has been nothing short of amazing, and we thank all of our supporters for making it happen.  It has allowed us to care for dogs rescued from abusive situations and find them a better home, and we look forward to helping others with your continued support.

hector(34of62)FB Post from 10/27/2014

hector(18of62)Hello everyone. Unfortunately my time has come, and if you’re reading this, that means that I have already passed. My last day was as good as one could ask for. The sun was shining, the frogs were out for me to chase at the pond, and I had Roo and Clara to carry me off the trail when my legs just couldn’t go any further. I called shotgun to assume my co-pilot position on the way to the vet, where I passed away surrounded by people who love me. I think my past life caught up with me and caused my time to come a little early. However, I can proudly say that I gave it everything I had all the way until the end.

To my Vick Dog family, and all the other dogs rescued from similar cruelty situations, keep carrying the torch! There are a lot of dogs out there that still need help, so keep proving they deserve their chance through our success. Thank you to all the people involved in my rescue. Thank you to all my foster homes that took care of me before landing in my forever home. And thank you to Tim and Donna and the BAD RAP crew for suggesting me when Roo and Clara reached out about adopting one of us. Although I wasn’t too fond of the Minnesota winters, all in all I feel pretty lucky to have landed where I did. The list goes on forever, and I thank everybody for their overwhelming support. Without all of you, we could not have inspired change for so many other dogs to get their chance as well. In my mind, that is making the world a better place.


Please remember that dogs don’t really have a choice on where they end up, and some really good dogs end up in a bad spot through no fault of their own. Before you pass judgement, give them a chance to show who they are regardless of appearance or past life. You never know how it will turn out. With that, I say good-bye. Try not to be sad. Instead celebrate my time. While I wish I could have lived a little longer, I passed knowing I won the game that is my life.


Thank you Hector for being such an awesome dog!  Your example will continue to help others for years to come.

All photo credit goes to Project Cleo.

Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation is a 501(c)3  non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and the people who care for them.

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  • Tracy says:

    Well written. Hector will live on in our hearts. Every dog I had as a penpal has a special place in my heart.

  • Cindy says:

    I think of Hector all the time and so miss hearing about his adventures! He had a truly blessed forever home with you and I know he is looking down from heaven with a smile! Miss you buddy!

  • CynthiaLouise Gilman says:

    Well written. Hector, you brave beautiful pup, I will always remember you.

  • Karen says:

    I think of Hector and all the Vick dogs. They made and continue to make such a difference for other dogs and people too. I love you Hector, I know I’ll meet you someday when I cross the bridge.

  • Mary Beth says:

    I miss Hector and I will never forget him.

    I wish that I’d followed him from the beginning, but it was just last summer that I found him. When I learned he was ill, I went back to the beginning of his Facebook page and read every post. He was a great dog! I really enjoyed the Christmas ornament caper!

    I’m so sorry he spent 2 years in hell, but I am so thankful and happy that he had 7 wonderful years to make up for it. Y’all gave him the best life ever, so hold on to those happy memories and know that he knew he was loved and that he loved you right back.

    Hugs to you both,

  • Nanci says:

    Hector, like all dogs, will never die as long as he is remembered. So, for Hector, I expect he will live forever, because the work is not done. Thank you Hector, Bad Rap, Roo and Clara for helping to spread the word that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only dogs who’ve not experienced being a loved pet.

  • Helit says:

    He will always be in all our hearts. Loved by so many and will be forever missed. Thank you for showing the world that pits can love no matter what. THANK YOU for loving him and giving him the kind of life that every dog deserves.

  • LoriBelle says:

    So beautiful. I also had to look up Handsome Dan’s tribute to his wonderful brothers. Tears again for both.

  • Linda Zupancic says:

    Hector,Roo and Clara, you have touched my heart beyond words with your posts of the beauty Hector was and always will be. His story and his amazing loving soul was like a book that I look forward to reading every day.I do miss those posts , but I know he is watching and guiding so many and that makes him very close to us all.God Bless you and Thank you for allowing us to share in yours and Hectors life.

  • Connie Powers says:

    Rest well sweet pup.

  • Crystal Sollock says:

    Sweet Hector: How I miss you so and all you wonderful adventures! I just know you are up there playing, and running and helping out all the other souls that pass on until they meet their family once again. Thank you Clara & Roo for keeping up the good fight to end ALL BREED DISCRIMINTATION AND ALL THE AWESOME WORK YOU DO TO HELP THE MOST MISUNDERSTOOD BREED TO FIND LOVING FOREVER HOMES! I think of Hector every single day that goes by, I have his photos at my office and at my house to always remember his story! Never give up hope, ever!

    Thank you both again from the bottom of my heart!

  • Judy Fields says:

    ~hugs~ Hector will live on in all our hearts. Never forgotten. So glad that he could experience love with a wonderful family like you!

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