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Don’t Let the Frown Fool You!

By October 14, 2015Every Day Dog

Kane was surrendered to a rescue at 6 weeks old but the rescue didn’t want a pit bull, so they wanted to send him to a shelter. Cassie couldn’t let that happen and ended up keeping him. Kane introduced Cassie into the 4H world, where they competed for 6 years earning multiple grand and reserve grand champion titles. Their first year was a little rough, because the parents did not like the idea of having a pit bull type dog around their children or dogs, but Kane was eventually a favorite among everyone.

They were super sad when their time in 4H was up, but they started competing in CPE agility in late 2013. Cassie and Kane have quickly become such a great team and are very close to earning their C-ATCH (championship).  Kane was also picked to demonstrate agility for an elementary school when Cassie was a sophomore in high school. Kane has multiple trick dog titles and is even working on the trick dog championship.


On top of all of this, Kane earned his CGC during the summer of 2015 and has been a foster brother to over 100 dogs and puppies. The best part is he welcomes them in his home with a wagging tail. Kane always has a frown on his face but really is a happy dog and is Cassie’s best friend, and the love of her life. She has no idea what she would do without him.

Cassie and Kane are such an amazing team, let’s get to know them a little better!

Shawn – Who does your dog prefer, you, your boyfriend, parents etc?

Cassie – It’s just Kane & I, so I believe he prefers me over anyone else, lol.


Shawn –  If he was in between all family members and everybody called him at once, who would he go to and why?

Cassie – I think Kane would come to me, but if I say that, he will go to someone else (he likes to be a brat like that).


Shawn – What is his favorite toy?

Cassie – Kane loves frisbees, CHUCKit tennis balls, antlers, bones, just about anything!


Shawn –  What is his favorite junk food or treat?

Cassie – Kane loves all food and all treats. I would say his favorite treats are the homemade training treats I make and his favorite food is pizza. He loves to go out for ice cream and gets really excited with string cheese and chicken.


Shawn – What is the craziest sleep position you have ever seen him in?

Cassie – Kane loves to sleep in the laundry basket or on a computer chair. He will also go on the back of the couch (like a cat or small dog). When I am washing my sheets, I will stack my pillows in the corner of the room and he will climb to the top and sleep on them.


Shawn – What is his favorite season?

Cassie – I think Kane’s favorite season is summer. Summer means we go for long walks, we go swimming, and we play lots of agility. But winter means we hang out on the couch, watch movies and eat cheese popcorn! (He doesn’t like regular popcorn)


Shawn – What is his favorite activity?

Cassie – His favorite activities have to include swimming, agility, playing fetch, going for car rides, taking naps, and chewing on bones. But I think he enjoys spending alone time with me and being spoiled rotten.

image4 (1)


Shawn – Would his personality be best described as couch potato or constantly in motion?

Cassie – I think to describe Kane’s personality as the “weekend warrior.” He will stay in bed all day long if I do, or he can be up and moving all day long if I am.


Shawn – What actor/tv or cartoon character would best describe him? Why?

Cassie – Every time I think of SpongeBob, I think of Kane.  I think it’s because when we first got him, his dog tag was SpongeBob. Now, his “theme” is SpongeBob. Even his birthday party hats are SpongeBob theme!


Shawn – What is the funniest thing he has done?

Cassie – Kane does a lot of funny things. He always has me laughing. He does this thing that I call “surfing.” He will get off the bed super lazy, like he slides down and lands on his front feet and then slowly drags his back legs off.


Shawn – What is the most embarrassing thing he has done?

Cassie – I would say the most embarrassing thing Kane has done was give a judge a nice, juicy lick. The judge was petting him down, in 4H showmanship; he lifted his head and got her right on the mouth! Everyone laughed, including the judge, but I felt so bad. He cannot contain his licker!


Shawn –  Any other fun facts?

Cassie – Kane is the best dog. He is hysterical in the fact that he puts up with everything I do to him. I love dressing him up for holidays and making everyone laugh. He impressed people the first time he did lure coursing (because he was so fast) and made everyone laugh at our first dock diving competition (he wouldn’t get out of the pool & I almost went swimming with him!). He will ride in the car with his head out the window with his doggles on and no one ever believes me when I tell them he is (almost) 9 years old.

We want to thank Cassie for taking the time to chat with us about her awesome dog Kane. Keep up the great work!!! If you want to follow Cassie and Kane they are on Facebook 365 days of Kane here. They also have a YouTube channel here. 

We want to hear from you!  Do you know of any cool dogs and cool owners that our bloggers should highlight?  You know, the ones that don’t make the news because they’re just good dogs?  Have them send us their contact info at wtpbfoundation@gmail.com, and put “Blog Story” as the subject.

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