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8 Ears, 9 Eyes, 17 Legs, and 5 Happy Tails.

By October 3, 2015Every Day Dog

When you have this many dogs they become your life. And when 5 of them are special needs, it teaches you about life. You learn what limits are and that they don’t really exist unless you let them. You see that life and happiness carry more weight than most things in life. And when you have two badass moms, life’s pretty good.


Heather and Kabrina have room in their hearts for 12 dogs. Twelve. Dogs. Five of them being disabled pit bulls. It doesn’t stop there. They want to open up a special needs pit bull rescue in the future. Heather and Karina, you’re awesome.

These kids came with tag lines. A short clue, a flash of the evidence from what lived in their past and what drives them into each day with such joy. Read these stories. Read them twice. Because these special needs dogs have spectacularly horrendous pasts and unbelievably beautiful futures. Let’s get this party started.

Kafziel (Tripawd, Recently Diagnosed with Addison’s Disease)


Kafziel was rescued from California when he was young. He was everything a dog should be. And then at 13 weeks old he broke his leg. After 2 failed surgeries to correct his leg, there was no option but to amputate it. This young, healthy dog loved to swim and run so the heartbreak for him was palpable. The world as Heather and Kabrina knew it had ended. And a new one began. Kafziel was still the same dog they loved. He ran. He fetched. He swam. He didn’t set limits for himself. He didn’t’ know how. This began their quest to save, educate, and advocate for special needs pit bulls and pit mixes.

Age: 5 1/2 years old

Bad Habit: Chasing his tail

Super Power: He has an uncanny ability to make everyone he meets fall head over heels in love with him.

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Favorite Treat: Chris Shuster Cookies

Favorite Nap Spot: On the couch on his back.

Pyg (One eyed, Partially Deaf)


She was 14 weeks old when she was rescued out of the back of a truck before being taken to a shelter that would have most likely euthanized her. She was covered in bite wounds, had a necrotic rotting eye, and was bleeding from her nose. Ticks covered her skin and she had already lost hearing in her left ear.  She had been gruesomely neglected, tortured, and chewed on but from the moment Heather and Kabrina brought her into their home her tail never stopped wagging. Her eye had to be removed. A migrating foxtail was pulled from her nose which left some damage and a lingering snort (for life). The top of her head bears a large scar from one of the more horrific bite wounds. And still she’s nothing but love.


Age: 2 1/2 Years Old.

Personality Quirk: She needs to mother cats. Any cat she meets.

Super Power: Her happy tail.

Favorite Activity: Watching the rain.

Favorite Treat: Ice Cubes.

Favorite Nap Spot: Upside down hanging off of a dog bed.

Coven (Tripawd, Bilateral FHO’s)

Coven was not in the plans. Heather and Kabrina had two pits and that was enough. Until they met him. He had been on this earth for 5 short months and had the unfortunate luck of spending that time at the hands of an abuser. Not much on this dog was not broken. All but one of his legs, both femoral heads on his back legs, and his left elbow were among the broken bones. The breaks were not new. He had been dragging himself around by his one good leg for 4 weeks and had the scrapes on his feet to prove it. The elbow fracture was too severe so his right leg was amputated and the femoral head was removed. Since recovering from surgery he plays frisbee, swims, and lives life to the fullest. He’s understandably got some lingering trust issues with people, but who could blame him?

Age: 2 1/2 Years Old

Super Power: He can fly, climb trees, and catch frisbees. All with 3 bum legs.

Favorite Activity: Frisbee time.

Favorite Treat: Sugar Cubes.

Favorite Nap Spot: Naps aren’t in his vocabulary. He’s always on the go.

Valak (Tripawd, No Ears)


Valak was pulled off the streets of Philly by animal control. He was 32 pounds, emaciated, and had a mangled mess of infected ears that were shredded and abscessed. They were past the point of saving so they were removed. He was found only having 3 legs. His ears and scars suggest a story of fighting; whether for food, sport, or survival, we’ll never know. He came with aggression and possession issues but Heather and Kabrina were likely his one and only shot at survival. Now 65 pounds, after tireless training, he has become a functioning part of the family. He’s a sweet boy. The sweetest. After 6 months of training he’s now a demo dog for the dog trainers at Passion for Paws, (the people who helped Heather and Kabrina through it all to see that Valak could be a normal dog). He’s starting his therapy dog training in a few short days.


Age: 5-7 Years Old.

Strange Habit: Sucks stuffed animals like he is nursing.

Super Power: Can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Favorite Activity: Snoring

Favorite Treat: Auntie Liane’s Peanut Butter Cookies

Favorite Nap Spot: Training Class

Davey Joe (Cerebellar Abiotrophy)


Davey is the specialist of special needs dogs in this family. He has been diagnosed with Cerebellar Abiotrophy. The neurons in his cerebellum are dying, mostly affecting his balance and coordination. His entire life was lived in New York, tied to a dog house. Because of his neuro issues he was picked up by Animal Control and spent the next 7 months in a shelter. He quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite at Riverhead Animal Shelter. They couldn’t give up on him so they sent his video to Desperate Dogs of Long Island. Mr. Bones & Co. got wind, pulled him from the shelter, and got him into a home.

“One email to Mr. Bones & Co. about a vacancy in the household and here we are. No one knows how much time Davey has but we were certain that we could make the most of it. Davey Joe has given our lives purpose. Because of him we know what we’re meant to do on this earth. This was thought to be a hospice adoption but we’re celebrating 5 beautiful months with Davey Joe and he’s showing no signs of slowing down”.


Age: 8 Years Old.

Personality Quirk: Very nosey. Has to be involved in everything.

Super Power: Living with a debilitating disease.

Favorite Activity: Everything.

Favorite Treat: Bagels.

Favorite Nap Spot: Anywhere his moms are.

“We have learned a lot of lessons from our dogs. They are just as capable of doing things as non handicapped dogs. They’re happy. We’ve also realized how much work, money, and dedication it takes to have 5 handicapped dogs. We have to be 100% willing to put their needs before ours. Not everyone will understand why we do what we do. But they make us happy and we love making them happy. We hope to open a special needs pit bull rescue in the near future. ”

To keep up with this fabulous crew, check ’em out on their Facebook Page!


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  • Rachel says:

    AMAZING blog post featuring two amazing, kindhearted women–LOVED it! And love that these babies are so happy!

  • danielle says:

    Thank goodness for these wonderful women who found the beauty in these dogs. Each of their stories broke my heart a little, but knowing they are with the family they were meant to be with fills my heart with joy! Pibble love 🙂

  • sara says:

    What a beautiful family – this makes my heart full. Are Heather & Kabrina on facebook or instagram? I’d love to follow them.

  • Amy Babson says:

    My heroes! what beautiful dogs and what beautiful people you are.

  • tanya says:

    Lovely story,lovely dogs,there are angels among us,Heather and Kabrina are two of the most compassionate women I have ever read about,thank you so much for rescuing these lovely pitties and giving them a safe and loving forever home,with love from England x

  • Alicia says:

    Heartwarming and inspiring ????

  • Robert says:

    You guys are summoning a lot of Onion Ninjas here.

    What a beautiful pack.

    What beautiful people you are.

  • Jon says:

    Makes my heart smile and my eyes sweat. Restores a little of my faith in people.

  • melissa says:

    You two are amazing people!! These dogs are finding out what real love is thanks to you!! God bless!

  • KL says:

    Two very amazing women making a huge difference in the lives of pitties. Thank you for sharing their story with all of us and a huge thank you to them for giving these beautiful souls the life they deserve. You can tell how happy they are by those big beautiful pittie smiles!

    And all of them stole my heart but Valak…made me think of my heart dog, a rottie that used to nurse on one of his stuffed animals. Belly scratches for all.

  • Pam says:

    Thank you so much for being so compassionate to all animals and especially to the ones with special needs. You two are truly angels on earth! Loved reading the stories of your 5 special need babies. They are all so beautiful

  • ann says:

    Heather and Kabrina have such big hearts and I wish people were more like them. These dogs have been given a second chance and will know what it’s like to be loved. Love pitbulls and they are such wonderful dogs. Do these ladies have a facebook or instagram, I too would like to follow their story.

  • Jenny Rowan says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story. Two wonderfully amazing ladies – and the dogs… O.M.G. I would likely come for a visit and just ask if I could move in. 🙂 I’ve got 2 rescued pits – both 12+ in age. One cancer-surviving, seizure prone old soul, the other with sight & hearing loss as well as dizziness and incontinence. I love them to the ends of the earth as these ladies clearly do their dogs. I love the idea of a rescue that specializes in those less fortunate who not only face the stigma, but they’ve got multiple strikes against them because they’re “bullies” as well.

    Well done. The world certainly needs more people like this. <3

  • Bobbie Jo says:

    *such a beautiful story of amazing owners (Angel’s on earth) you ladies just melted my heart with all your stories!!! I totally give you credit because i just unfortunately just lost my 13 year old pup Angel~Fish who was my best friend and now i’m looking to rescue a new pittie! !!! My heart isn’t whole without a fur baby. Thank you for doing all you do for these special pup’s. Because if it wasn’t for you then who knows where they would be……. simply amazing! ♡*

  • Mimi says:

    I am so incredibly proud to say that Kat (Kabrina) is my friend. I have not yet met Heather, but will be doing so in a few weeks. They are as amazing as the story sounds; they devote themselves entirely to these beautiful creatures, in addition to the rest of their pack (chihuahuas and a doberman). I have rarely, in my several decades on this planet, met anyone as dedicated as they are, to rescuing animals from horrific conditions. If only they could be cloned….

  • Tami says:

    Heather and my dear Kaboom,
    You make my heart so happy. You are such giving, loving women. A perfect example for all mankind.

  • Christa Velbel says:

    There are no words that can express how wonderful I felt reading about these dogs and their moms. You are my heroes. Thank you.

  • Tony S says:

    Love these two!!!! They fostered our pit ! They did such great job nursing him back to health(he was found on steers of Philly after bad start with bad ppl and dogs) , evaluating and starting his training process. He’s amazing and we can’t thank them enough

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