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Remembering Alyssa – The Last Walk

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There were tons of things I had to get done around the house. I was hosting Christmas for my family in less than twenty-four hours, but I needed to take a little break from the unfolding chaos, and my never-ending procrastination. Some rooms in my house were halfway cleaned, some had gifts scattered about. I stressed myself out over hosting Christmas even though my only guests would be my dad, my brothers and my nieces. Despite that, planning to have a perfectly clean house and a fully-prepared meal was usually something that happened only on special occasions. Like Christmas.

I sent Alyssa a text message around noon to see if she wanted to take the dogs on a walk. It was exactly what I needed to clear my head from the Christmas stress I had enveloped myself in. She immediately responded and said she’d love to go on a walk. Alyssa had to work until 1:00, so we agreed to meet at 2:00 at a nearby park. I received another text message from Alyssa asking, “Who are you bringing?” Read More

Remembering Hector

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It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since Hector passed away.  We’re sharing the Facebook post from that day to remind us of the fond memories he created, and because the message still rings true.  The support we’ve received through the Hector Fund has been nothing short of amazing, and we thank all of our supporters for making it happen.  It has allowed us to care for dogs rescued from abusive situations and find them a better home, and we look forward to helping others with your continued support. Read More

Compassion Fatigue: FAQ with Jessica Dolce

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We’re so excited to have been able to interview Jessica Dolce, who is extremely well known in the animal world and specifically with compassion fatigue. As she says, “I help people who care for pets, people, and our planet learn how to take better care of themselves and reconnect with the joy of their work.”. Learn more in our interview below. Read More

Open Letter to Michael Vick

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1959280_10152787829894810_7538035772733002939_n (1)Dear Michael Vick,

My name is Andrew Yori, but most people call me Roo.  I think it’s important to start out by letting you know that I was not one of the people opposed to you getting a second chance.  I was also not one of the people who called for a boycott of the NFL.  My wife and I did adopt one of the dogs that was rescued from your Virginia property back in 2007 though.  The rescuers named him Hector, and he was featured in media across the country.  I did my best not to talk out against you throughout the process because I was hoping that you would learn that what you did was wrong, why it was wrong, and become one of the best advocates for the cause.   Read More