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Sarah Lukemire

Compassion Fatigue: FAQ with Jessica Dolce

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We’re so excited to have been able to interview Jessica Dolce, who is extremely well known in the animal world and specifically with compassion fatigue. As she says, “I help people who care for pets, people, and our planet learn how to take better care of themselves and reconnect with the joy of their work.”. Learn more in our interview below. Read More

Meet Shawn and Salvador – An Inseparable Team

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Shawn is from and currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Some of you may know him better by his gorgeous pup, Salvador or Sal (but we’ll get to that later).

Meet Shawn & Salvador | wallacethepitbullfoundation.org

Shawn has had dogs his entire life but never understood anything about training. “To me it was the basics of sit and stay and that was it.” Then he adopted Salvador and his life has changed. “I thought I was adopting a dog and realized I adopted a whole classification of the many breeds that make up what we refer to as ‘pit bulls’.” Read More